Sunday, 15 April 2007

Travellin Curse Strikes Again

List of "things" that happened on our first beach-camping trip over the easter weekend:

1. Five holes in one car tire
2. Arrived at camping site at 2am due to various "reasons"
3. Was too late & too dark to set up tent, so had to sleep under the stars, which wouldnt be that bad if it werent for the rain & lightening, & hungry mosquitoes that soon followed
4. Broken glasses, stepped on by horizontal husband, ensuring i couldnt see much for the rest of the trip
5. Full on and sudden sandstorm, ensuring tent collapses with me inside it
6. Broken tent poles poke hole through brand new tent (guaranteed for life against stormy weather)
7. Storm continues through the night as we sleep under freshly fixed tent threatening to dump us in the sea by morning
8. Loud neighbours who insist on shagging all night and providing us with drunken soundtrack ( we had set up tent far away from any other tents, but the next day these people with four tents decided they wanted to move in with us)
9. Injured toe for both of us, which wouldnt be so bad if we didnt have to trek through hot sand with open wounds
10. Flashlight mysteriously gives up on life
11. Lose sleeping bag holder to said neighbours in an act of utter stupidity on my part which was done with good intentions
12. Return home to freezer and fridge full of rotting food, BECAUSE i had mysteriously unplugged it before we left???? What?
13. The above are just the ones i can mention, and remember
14. Did I mention it was my birthday & that I lost my toothbrush...
15. Have i complained enough yet?


GC said...

Was that in Egypt? Basata?

DailyAntics said...

yes it was basata, was it that obvious? :)

GC said...

Well it's the only place I know of where you can camp on the beach. I wish there was somewhere else. Do you know of any?

DailyAntics said...

I havent heard of any, but will post if i do :)

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