Thursday, 29 March 2007

just be happy & sane

my little one.

"Feed Me & I'll Vote"

This is what the political situation comes down to, "Half a kilo of meat for voters in referendum"
Half a kilo, thats around le15, or $3...everythings cheap in this town. How much is a kilo of meat elsewhere?

Maybe, just maybe, we can still hope, "Egypt's president wants military appeals court"
gimme a break, i said MAYBE

Shakira Fiasco

trekking in the desert, no way of contacting others because ur mobile network is too busy to care that ur lost, stuck in traffic for 4, i repeat, four hours, only to catch Shakira waving her tits at u from a giant screen and saying "goodbye egypt, mwa! i love you!"

did i mention finding ur car by coincidence in the middle of the desert where it was ditched in a last feeble attempt to catch the concert in time.

a guy in a car next to us " dee law shakira kanet betewled gowa, makansh dah koloh 7asal."

i wont translate, its not funny in english.

the pyramids were nice though.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The Travelling Curse

it's a long time joke in my marriage that we have had a travelling curse placed upon us as a couple. anytime, anywhere we go travelling the curse makes its presence known. last weekend we went to our seaside chalet, and lo and behold were (well i was, horizontal husband snored right throught it) woken up by the door rattling sounds of a full on sandstorm.
not like me to let this get to me, we hit the beach anyway, and the beach hit us back with flying sand and angry sea waves.
this picture was taken of the surf as it crept up the turf, i think its trying to tell me something.

Lesson Learned

Do not write long detailed passionate eloquent post directly into blog.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Scrap those wedding invites before it's too late

how come no one ever tells you the truth about marriage, BEFORE you do it? it's all yay! mabrouk! congrats! yippee! and happy, happy, joy, joy!

do they just want to keep the horrible truth from you because telling it would make it all so real, and interrupt their well maintained river of denial?

i blame it on the movies myself. all those romantic scenes, oh and fairytales too, they're just as bad, snow white and the like.

now when i see a girl in a wedding dress, i just think: what's she doing? why is she doing this to herself?

the one person in my life who ever told me the truth was my grandma, one day as she was sitting in bed, i asked her what she knew then but wished she knew when she was my age (10 yrs ago), she said very simply without any elaboration at all: Don't get married.

but did i listen?

maybe that's why they don't tell you, because they know you'll do it anyway. maybe it's a small way of getting revenge. maybe its hope that this time you'll somehow crack the code or discover that missing ingredient, maybe they just want an excuse to party.

Marital Bliss

him: hey
me: yeah
him: so what you doing?
me: i am dancing on the table
him: ...(silence)
me: what the f*** do you think i'm doing?
him: alright, well i just called to tell you am gonna be late again tonight
me: and? what do you want? a prize? (child screaming in the background)
him: tayeb, yallah bye
me: bye

How morally sound are you?

According to this new research, if you've damaged a certain part of your brain you're more likely to be an Ahole , that explains alot, maybe someone dropped 99% of cairo's driving population on their heads when they were babies.

Token Quote

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)

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