Monday, 28 September 2009


Last night while I was driving home you dedicated my favourite song to me on the radio saying you just got engaged to the most perfect person... and the presenter said, "Enjoy the rest of your lives."

I think we will :)

Death Becomes Her

She used to sit in the office next to mine. I heard her laugh and talk and breathe.

One day she passed away. Her office is now empty and there are only the soothing sounds of the Quran coming from there.

I want to talk about what I learned.
I learned to say thank you, every time.
I learned to ask about people, how they are, what they need, what they want and hope for.
I learned to always say hello to everyone and smile first.
I learned to say the good things immediately; there may never be a later.
God’s love, tolerance and endless mercy were confirmed to me.

She rests in peace.

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