Wednesday, 26 March 2008


am off to attend my first ever football match :)

Egypt vs Argentine Friendly


ok so we lost, but it was fun.

highlights of the match (the 3 H's):

1. Hani Adel from Wust El Balad - for singing like an angel..and being a mozza
2. Hani Said (Player no.6) - for trying to save the day on several occassions..and being a mozza while he's at it
3. Hadary (El3ab ya 7adary) - for being a mozza, and also for taking the crowd's jeers like a man

Football is fun :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Obama's speech

Seeing as he might just be ruling the world in the very near future I reckon the speech is probably worth a mention.
I read the full transcript and yes he did put the Middle East problem down to "radical Islam".
And yes, I was pissed off by that statement.
But, he kind of redeemed himself further on by basically saying that the war in Iraq should never have happened.


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